Top 10 Test Run Scorers in Cricket

                Test cricket is the oldest format in the cricket with which the journey of cricket started in 19th century. Later there was addition of ODI and  T20. Still, test cricket is considered as the best form of cricket to judge the quality, caliber, temperament and skills of a cricketer. Since its inception in 1896 test cricket is considered as the best and performance in this form by a player is a scale to prove his ability as a cricketer.

Sachin Tendulkar is Highest Run Scorer in Test Cricket History
                           In this article we will see the top 10 test run scorers in this format of the cricket in the world.  Like in my previous article I wrote about the Top 10 run scorers in ODI format of cricket. Test Cricket is a very physical game which demands lots of strength to be on field for continuous 5 days. So to be in the list of leading run scorers you need to have longer career, higher fitness level both physically and mentally. All these leads to the development of a cricketer form a cricket player to the Legend of the game. Like in the list of the ODI scorers, Sachin Tendulkar is top run scorers in the test format of cricket also.     

              Player                    Matches    Runs      H.S.      Avg.     100     50  
           S Tendulkar(India)         198        15837      248*      53.86      51      67
           R Ponting (Aus)                 168          13378      257        51.85        41      62
           R Dravid (India)                164          13288       270        52.31       36       63  
           J Kallis (SA)                     162           13128      224        56.10       44       58
           B Lara (WI)                      131          11953       400*      52.88       34       48
           A Border (Aus)                 156          11174       205        50.56       27       63  
           S Waugh (Aus)                  168          10927       200        51.06      32       50
           S Chanderpaul (WI)          148          10830       203*      51.81       28       61
           M Jayawardene (SL)          138         10806       374        49.56       31       45
           K Sangakkara(SL)            117          10486       287        56.98       33       42

                          Like in ODI format, Sachin Tendulkar is highest run scorer in the test format of cricket also. Due to his batting records and for all the contributions to cricket by him, he is considered as the greatest cricketer in the history of cricket. He is also referred as the God of Cricket that is more than enough to specify his greatness. 

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